What happened to romance?

What people chose to look for can easily be exposed to predetermined societal influence depending upon the person, some enjoy the whole stereotypical marketing of an idea, others resist and seek their own interpretation, and some chose to ignore social convention and marry a tree.

So at what point did falling in love become an issue?

It’s probably me. In fact, I’m sure if you ask the right people, it definitely is me, but how come trying to fall in ‘love’ becomes nigh on impossible the older you get?
I mean, it’s like the single most beautiful experience you can ever feel in your life and yet trying to find someone to share it with is like trying to arm wrestle an Octopus.

The A-Z of #Lovehacks

V – Vajazzle.

If you even know what this word is, you’re already on shaky ground…

I am therefore I suffer.

Unexpected, unforeseen,
Unsure of all you seem,
Unawares to your purpose,
Resisting what I mean.