Winters delight.

Anyway, I digress… so, I do try to follow my own code of principles when out taking pictures and I do try to adhere (where possible) to my own internal ‘prime directive’ code of conduct which states clearly ‘whatever will be, will be’.

It’s my ‘Que sera f*ck it…’ kind of thing.  Works for me anyway, minimum fuss, maximum quantity of f*cks not given also.

Happy birthday, everyone…

So, to those I know, friends, family, strangers, facebook and online trolls the world over, if it’s your birthday now or at anytime in the next 365 days, congratulations. It can only mean one thing :

A bit nipply.

To keep me sane and to allow me the chance to slowly integrate into my new home, I started writing.
Not because I’m a writer, I’m not, I consider myself as nothing more than a lunatic with a keyboard, but because I wanted to share some of the experiences that people like myself experience when they move abroad, I somehow found solace in expressing myself in anyway I could.

Top 10 #Lifehacks…

So, Top ten lists. Obviously I have to include my own otherwise this wouldn’t be a fair and impartial article and like too many other on-line wonders of modern literature, wouldn’t claim to be anything other than bordering on the absurd and leaning heavily towards the ridiculous.


So, WTF, people killing themselves for the hope of 72 virgins!?
Technically the equivalent of 72 blind dates. . .
Who the f*ck wants that nightmare!?