Creative Writing


Creative writing or just a lunatic with a keyboard?

Who knows, and more to the point who am I to care. It matters not anyway. all I know is that right now, I write, you read.

It just happened.

Plus I have a keyboard and have admitted at least half more than you needed to know to realise that this question is now redundant and pursuit of the answer is unwise.

Observational humour, explain?

Life is all but a series of emotions, experiences and f*ckups. How we see these, deal with them and hopefully come through the other side all give credence to what we learn as we walk the path of life.

Some of us chose to walk this path intent only on the destination, others like to enjoy the view as they proceed, whilst some, maybe not too dissimilar to myself like to pull up a chair every now and again and have a bit of mischief along the way.

We all see life very individually and better still interpret it in our own unique way.

Thankfully there is no right or wrong way to observe the wealth of things which happen every minute of every day however it is easy to focus on the obvious as most people do. Only through experience, DNA and life do we find out and bear witness to the abstract and diverse way in which we can enhance our initial view of the world.

Subsequently, if you are looking for a slightly unhinged view of life, an alternative perspective on the world, or just looking to make light of something in particular, then hopefully you’ve found the right guy.

So you think you’re funny  do you?

Well, most of the time not really, others though, occasionally.

Personally it’d be wrong of me to be the judge of that, but since I have begun writing and covering a number of hugely varied subjects over the years, the public consensus seems to be that what I write isn’t all that ‘not-funny’.

Sure, at times I can laugh at myself, regularly in fact, and more so when I write what I write.

I know friends and people I know might laugh at some of the things I write but it’s when strangers and people around you who you wouldn’t normally expect to laugh at your material laugh, then it’s fair to assume that something is happening.

Sure, it’s either out of polite worry for my broken grasp of reality or because they too relate to the world to which I reside in or the things which have affected me so.

Humour is as individual to the person as it is to the people who surround us and the lives they lead, the people they have become and the disasters they have overcome, or not.

Sometimes, no matter how painful, heartbreaking, sad and tragic things can become, you can’t help but laugh… Maybe not always at the time, but I guarantee you others will.

This is life.

If it’s insensitive, inappropriate, improper and in the wrong place at the wrong time, then hell yeah…

Game on.

So what can you write about?

So far I’ve tried to cover as many avenues as possible within the material I’ve been fortunate enough to cover already. This as with most things is ever expanding and something that only time will tell.

I have thus far plucked many a random subject to see if I could write about whatever it was that came in to my head and so far tests have been positive and borderline optimistic.

I’m currently expanding into whatever the next stage of life is and shall reveal more once I actually know where this may lead but in the mean time and content in the fact that wherever this may lead, expressing myself through this medium will always be a driving force to what I want to do and where I hope life to lead.

Previously I covered quite a few stories featuring Politics, News, Current Affairs and Science & Technology, as well as enjoying some Religious material whilst also cherry pick obscure subject matter as and when they break into my psyche as life often inspires us this way.

I also have written a number of Sci-Fi and Fictonal storylines  and have been developing my own sketches whereby these will all feature shortly somewhere online.

What do you like writing about?

I seem to be both blessed and cursed in being able to see humour in most things as no matter what I try to do or write, it often and sometimes unintentionally ends up this way.

Obviously now I know I’m not necessarily the best person in the world to be writing sensitive material which does need to actually be taken seriously. Not that I couldn’t, but why bother as there are people much better suited to that I’m sure, but if you want someone to write a manual to help prevent people from killing themselves when they use your new super amazing but potentially deadly gadget and you want to give them a giggle before they chop their arm off, well I can probably help…

Writing for yourself obviously is very different in that you get to essentially run wild and naked so to speak. A theme, a subject, an idea forms and then you can let yourself go but principally this is the same for all available topics. If you think about things too hard you can easily become mired in the reality of the subject so sometimes, you have to step outside yourself and gather some perspective.

I do push myself and restrict myself to certain subjects to force myself to dig deep on occasion and am currently working my way through a selection of styles and genres to see what feel more fluid and to help expand my portfolio at the same time.

Truth be known, if I don’t like it or more importantly if I don’t think I can work with something I’d say. There has to be a cut off point whereby no amount of brainstorming can help advance the cause and something’s just aren’t right to the individual.

How very dare you?

Well, someone’s got to.

Political correctness is for pussy’s and the world’s gone mad. Far too many people are trying so hard to be offended these days it’s almost a medical complaint.

Truth is, if you don’t like it, don’t f*cking read it – JOG ON!!!

Freewill, creative freedom, the basic right to self expression, call it what you will but go f*ck yourself if you can’t handle it. No one dragged you kicking and screaming into my world did they and I don’t need to apologise for being me any more than you do for being you.

It’s what makes life great, diversity. Some people can deal with it others suck ass so take your pick.

If you don’t like it, run along, go tell your mum and have a banana.


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