Welcome to my humble blog…


I’m originally from a quiet suburb of Nottinghamshire in the UK but alas was finally driven out in May 2008 by the lousy weather, the Economy and last but not least – the thought of another four Years of Gordon Brown.

I come from an artistic and slightly insane background and from what I now know of the world, nothing prepares you for what happens along the way.

This, combined with my other experiences developed my desire to find my own place in life and I believe was responsible for my knee Jerk reaction to just hop on a Plane one day and begin my haphazard journey in life.

I’ve always believed that the experiences that we live through shape our destiny and as people it defines many of things that we do. As well as my many alternative creative pursuits, I also manage a number of other blogs.

One about my experiences in Greece, (fckdupathens) one forever destined to leave a lasting imprint into my world. This was driven by my initial experiences when I first arrived in Greece and discovered first hand how the systematic and state sponsored corruption preyed upon the weak. More of that no doubt will be revealed in time…

I also write and blog about 2D/3D web media and App design on my (esadude) blog, here you can find all manner of design related tips and advice, downloads etc.

I play guitar and write songs when I get any spare time but I am somehow bound by my insanity to create E’s a Dude’s whenever I can, as these in their many guises provide a release for me in many ways and allow me a chance to highlight aspects of this game we call life.

I occasionally play BF2 online just to quench my blood lust and feel that whilst society prevents me from physically being able to help reduce mankind’s quota of Idiots to a tolerable level, I can satisfy this need by tooling up and laying waste to as many strangers worldwide as I can.

I write to cage my demons, to share observations through a slightly tainted view of an alternative world to which I inhabit and with these words hope to provide something which will help free me further into what I can be.

I tend to get adopted by cats and always have them in my life, even if I don’t want to and I often enjoy the silent comfort of animals over people.

Some anyway…

To coin a phrase :

“If I’m going to hell, better put on a good show at least…” – Me. Today.


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