A bit nipply.

So how did it finally become a bit nipply?

Well, what initially started as a genuine opportunity to live and experience a new life in the beautiful and idyllic Country of Greece, unbeknown to me at the time was soon to become a 7 year battle against corruption and malpractice within the first job I’d taken here in 2008.

Yes, I really was that f*cking lucky…

In order to keep me sane and to allow me the chance to slowly integrate into my new home, I started writing.

Not particularly because I’m a writer, I consider myself as nothing more than a lunatic with a keyboard, but mostly because I wanted to share some of the experiences that people like myself experience when they move abroad and I somehow found solace in expressing myself in anyway I could. In time the writing came to be natural, fluid and enabled me to express myself in ways other means lacked.

I play guitar and have written songs for years, dabbled with poetry and storyboarded numerous ideas in the guise of short stories etc but was new to the world of writing, especially a blog and anything which vaguely resembled something like what became of the last few years but alas It did keep me out of trouble, so all was good!

If I’m brutally honest, at the time it was also my only creative outlet. I’d just moved here, was awaiting the chance to finally get my things shipped over from the UK and regularly found myself talking to rocks, so something had to be done before they started talking back.

A new Country, Culture, Religion, History combined with the sights, smells and flavours of my world were overwhelming at first and so allowed me to be inspired by the rich and diverse world I was now apart of.

In the beginning I started writing what was to be my ‘Englishman in Greece’ blog. The first time I’d ever written anything of length since my last English lesson, way back when…

This moved on to become ‘fckdupathens’ and unlike the name may suggest to some, this is a pro Greece blog, concentrating on the sheer surreal madness which took over my life when I started to work for a supposed ‘NGO’ here in Athens.

NGO, Greece, corruption, fraud, theft, EU
Sound familiar? Hell yeah…

Why it became ‘fckdupathens’ I covered in the post below :


What I discovered here alongside a few dedicated others was soon to upend my world and reveal the true horrors to the corruption which had milked this once great Nation dry.

This soon pushed me to the limits of my sanity, beyond the darkest days I have ever known or could of imagined, and out through the other side of what went on to become a 7 year hell.

When having to fight to survive you have two options, live or die. Sometimes living is harder than being able to die, the solemn comfort of inner peace comes to be your lover as you long to be free of the mental turmoil, the reckless misery and hurt those sick of mind try to project onto you when you prove your worth by being true to yourself and what you believe in.

Survivor, urban, city, mayhem, struggle
In each of us lies a beauty.

I initially came to Greece 8 years ago, began work for a bullsh*t Non Government Organisation which over time proved to be nothing more than a self serving and opportunistic business front for pathetic lowlife criminal scum who had taken it over to abuse the sector, the state and the people it now preyed upon under the guise of a once respected name.

As time went on, the reality to these people became painfully apparent whereby the lies the people running this told, ones they themselves had built careers on were to come crashing down around them.

The fight that followed to expose these parasites, finally clear my name and to reveal the true nature to those who helped defraud and abuse the Health sector is just one of many scenarios we see and hear on the news daily here. This unfortunately became the driving force behind much of the content features on the blog and what allowed me to vent my anger without losing my sh*t completely.

So how crazy are you?

Some people have asked me recently if I’m crazy, (like really!? – Θ)) and you know what, I can’t honestly answer it any more. I gave up trying to discern right from wrong a long time ago as sometimes it seems it neither matters nor at times is it even distinguishable from the other.

The answer therefore has to be : Just enough… Θ)

If you aren’t born with an inherent understanding of core principles to which we should fundamentally recognise as right or wrong, didn’t manage to suck in what your parents, society and what life teaches you as you grow, then you need to be lobotomised and sent to Mars as Guinea pigs in order to finally serve a purpose and contribute to the well being of a society you shouldn’t have been allowed to roam free in for so long already.

Lies, truth, corruption, censorship
The truth hurts!

The length and depth certain people will lower themselves to rarely has a limit, and for many, especially those who seek to live behind a lie are allowed to, employed by the state and sheltered from the truth by a sea of corruption, then we have an obligation to expose them and stand up to what is right.

How the hell did it come to this?

F*ck knows, but it did. Can’t say I’m not glad either. Be it divine inspiration, the Universe rebalancing itself or just plain good luck and a little long overdue good fortune, but it opened my eyes to a doorway into something new.

After years of questioning myself, life, the world I thought I knew I began to see again.

More recently life allowed me to climb free of the burden of these years, slowly getting myself back, piece by piece to rediscover what and who I am, what I enjoy and what life can have for you when you’re not focussed solely on the darkness which can sometimes shroud our days in misery.

Sometimes the most unexpected things can change your world completely, inspiring you in ways long forgotten and driving you forward along a new path yet unclear.

Some call it love, some call it life whilst some will just chose to let it happen when it comes, whatever it is, surely it should be embraced when found?

Throughout this earlier period though I did have moments which might make for some interesting reading and so if and when you have time or the interest to delve deeper, please do.

Some of my fondest moments of madness include discovering the Croissant Hotline number, a particular incident on the way back from my friends house, and a Jesus Toastie

Obviously I am biased as these hold value to me in the abstract sense to how they came to be however I hope you find one or two that intrigue you enough to explore.

Meanwhile I sincerely hope you find something that connects with you as experiences, good and bad shape our destiny, our souls and our lives.











































World Issues










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