I am therefore I suffer.

Like water to a seed a new thought blossoms everyday,
A new thought now takes shape.
A mix of emotion, fighting to be free,
Wrestling with each other,
Sublime thoughts,
Staring back at me.

Look inside, why hide,
Why do your fears run wild.

To find the words once free,
Now hidden, but a pause,
Intense and so alive,
Never knowing what they see.

I live to see the day,
Never quite sure of the cause,
Will we live to fight a day,
And bask on golden shores.

With so much still yet to say, and all to never tell,
Thoughts of yesterday, once served me oh so well,
Today is always here and tomorrow never goes,
To find myself before I’m lost is to never not oppose.

Thoughts unsaid and never spoken always tease my mind.
When all I ever sought was the truth in being kind.

To live and love and feel,
Is to never know inside,
The ramblings of the soul, hidden from the mind.

Be kind,
Be free,
Be sure your spirit sees,
Be all you always were,
And all you ever need.

To find a piece of you, in anything I do,
Feeling I am one,
Is all I hope from you.

Unexpected, unforeseen,
Unsure of all you seem,
Unawares to your purpose,
Resisting what I mean.

Subconsciously apparent,
Incomprehensibly unreal to me,
Defined as an illusion,
Despite being as real as you can be.

Makes no sense.
Now a prisoner to this dream,
Never ending playful torment,
Twisting all we seem to mean.

Tearing me apart,
From the start,
All the good now with the bad,
Infactuation, desire,
Heeding my advice,
Passion unspoken, deafening for the wise.

For we are not they, we are not pure,
Lost in confusion doubting the unsure.
No rules, no guide, no knowing what to do,

No sense, pretence, or keeping it from you.
Regret, one, a time I failed myself,
Worry, doubt, clouding my intent.

Ever near, clear,
Heard but not a word,
Be true, be you,
Be all you never were.

Be lost and found, and all but in between,
The known, the not, and all that can’t be seen.

Be free, and see,
Deep inside of me.

I am therefore I suffer, unknowing what you seek.
Life, my life, used and full of clutter.

I have no looking glass, just an empty bottle I regret,
Words lost in communication I long to now forget,

glass, looking glass, bottle, crystal heart, broken mind
Look for I could not find.

Simon A.Rawicz – 12/05/2016


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